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New Led Motorcycle Headlight M11R-B
- Oct 26, 2017 -

Electric Vehicle Electric Motorbike & Motorcycle Led Headlight Super Bright Headlamp With High & Low Beam Inside-Installation Easily With H4 plug As we know, there are more and more traffic accidents all over the world day and day. That’s because of bad weather now. such as rainy weather, heavy fog weather, sand-wind weather, even dark night. So, for your safety, I advise to change your headlight into led super bright head light.Why buying RTD M11R-B super bright led headlamp? is very super bright. Its power is 15W, brightness is almost the same with 100W halogen bulb. You can see renderings in the following picture:


2.Easy Installation. Its installation is just like halogen bulb, don’t need to change your lire and other parts, you just need to pull out of your original halogen bulb, and put our led headlight into the hole and tighten it.


3.All-in-one mold, Heat sink is much more better, so, lifespan is much more longer than other factory products.


4.Using rtd led motorcycle headlight, you can bright the light immediately, as soon as you switch on it. You don’t need to wait several minutes, much more safe for you.

5.Light pattern is best of all the led motorcycle factories.blob.png

See its low beam:


High beam: